The documents on this page are published by the HP3A to inform current and prospective owners, tenants, and the public. Every effort is made to maintain accuracy, and they are deemed reliable, but are not guaranteed. If certified copies of official documents (e.g., for legal actions) are required you must contact the HP3A. Thank you.
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Recorded Documents

Unrecorded HP3A Documents

* Articles of Incorporation
* Bylaws
* Master Plat Graphic of all HP Filings



* Adoption and Amendment Procedures
* Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy
* Collection Policy
* Conduct of Meetings Policy and Procedure
* Conflict of Interest Policy
* Covenant and Rule Enforcement Policy
* Energy Efficiency Measures Policy
* Investment Policy
* Mailbox Policy
* Records and Inspection Policy

* Reserve Policy
* Water Meter Reading Admin Fee (HPA Policy, but is applicable to HP3A, as well)

Financial Documents

* Statement of costs, fees and assessments
Insurance Information (None yet)
Budgets (None yet)
Balance Sheets and Income Statements
          * Calendar 2019 BS
          * Calendar 2019 Income Statement

HP3A Minutes

Membership Meeting Minutes (No member meetings held yet)

Board of Director Meeting Minutes
   * BOD Minutes 7/16/2018
    * BOD Minutes 10/19/19

Member Communications/Newsletters/Annual Disclosure

   * 1/4/2018 Newsletter
   * 7/29/19 Newsletter
   * 1/14/2020 Newsletter

   * 7/08/2020 Newsletter

   * 8/6/2020 Mailbox Update